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Our Mission

The Freedom House vision is to protect and prepare the children of Zambia to take control of their future and free the country from the corruption and decay that are holding it back. We strive to foster a wave of capable citizens ready to address their challenges and revitalize their nations. We have the opportunity to help it reclaim its destiny by investing in Zambia’s children.

The three young women and the man on the right epitomize the leaders we aspire to cultivate through our initiative.

Each received full scholarships covering their university education and related expenses. They all excelled in their SAT/ACT equivalents, known as O’levels. In a different setting, their exceptional skills might have gone unnoticed; for instance, one of these young women once sold charcoal on the streets.

Today, all four hold formal degrees: one in nursing, another pursuing medicine, a third in business, and the young man in civil engineering.

Our mission isn’t just to provide, but to empower, teaching them the skills to uplift themselves and their communities. Talent is universally distributed, and God doesn’t favor one place over another. This scholarship, named “Hellicy Ngambi – Genius in the Village” (in tribute to the first female vice chancellor of a public university in Zambia), starts at our orphanage.